Welcome to L-in-K.com

We provides Web Service to every company and everyone, which makes possible to connect everything with everyone.

  • Free Feedback

    Every human can have his own secure and free feedback pages on our site.

    On each page exists embedded secure QR code with page's address. So you can use it to simplify access to your page from any place of our world using QR code reader such as SafeQR.

    Also you can use your L-in-K.com labels to simplify their use by human.

    Everything can be marked with your label and/or QR. This is like a new generation of old style labeled boots with an initials.

  • Google Translator

    Information itself is more important than a language on which it was written. So every human who see web page on his language and send you a message about your thing on unknown to you language is much better than nothing.

    Google gives to us a possibility to have any language on our site. This increases a chance that a human who found or see your stuff with your QR or label will send you a message.

    Again Google can simply Translate any message you received.

    So you can have conversations with everybody despite on knowledge about their language.

  • Styles

    All of our users can use every colors they want. Try Style Editor Demo .

    This feature gives to each user page unique palette and view.

  • Anti-spam

    Your client ID is known only for your customers and only with your or their promotion someone can reach your page.

    The link with incorrect client key or with empty one will show a demo version so you do not face spam from random individuals.

    Your form have an anti bot system - reCaptcha*, which eliminates spam to your e-mail from your form.

    Industry "standard" protection - by using our form your e-mail stays unknown to customer or potential spammer.

    *- reCaptcha is a product of Google.

Contact with us

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33/6 Keren HaEsod, 22447, Nahariya, HaTsafon, Israel.


Phone Number: +(972)52-882-7456

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